The solar energy (PV) outdoor testing lab

Established in 2019 in collaboration with the Centre of Renewable Energy Systems Technology, CREST, in the UK. It provides a state of art testing solution for the rapidly growing complex solar energy sector through testing and certification. The solar panel testing is conducted according to the national and international standards, ensuring quality and reliability to solar systems installed in Bahrain, and performed by qualified staff.  Also, the lab provides researchers and organizations with high-resolution solar radiation data with concurrent weather data.

Equipment and Measurements

Solar radiation measurement sensors

Global Horizontal Irradiance

Direct Normal Irradiance

Diffused Horizontal Irradiance

Global Horizontal IR

Global Horizontal UV

Photovoltaic module performance testing

Plane of array (POA) irradiance

Module temperature


Short circuit current and Open circuit voltage

Current and Voltage at Maximum power point

Weather data

Ambient Temperature

Wind direction and speed

Atmospheric Pressure

Rain sensor

Relative Humidity