In December 2019, a team from Aluminum Bahrain Company (Alba) visit to the renewable energy labs at the department of physics, college of science. 

The Alba team included Mr Amin Sultan the Chief Power Officer, Mr Mohamed Khalil Director of Safety, Health & Environment, Mr Eskander Alsari, power operation Manager and Mr Hesham Alawi, the head of compliance.

During the meeting, the possible collaboration between the University of Bahrain and alba discussed focusing on the application of renewable energy. Also, the Alba team visited the labs at the college of science with the presence of Prof. Mohamed Elhilo, the dean of the College of Science. At the end of the visit, Dr Hanan Albuflasa, the Department of Physics chairperson took them to the different renewable energy facilities at the University of Bahrain, including the 0.5 MW solar PV field. The visit also attended by the Department of Chemistry chairperson, researcher of renewable energy Labs and by delegates from Alba.

This visit comes within the renewable energy labs vision of establishing a strong collaboration with the industry to promote and develop best practices in the deployment of clean energy in the industry sector.