The laboratories were established to be a reference for the Kingdom of Bahrain in the field of renewable energy, focusing on bioenergy, solar energy and wind energy

Lead capacity building in the Kingdom of Bahrain for future research and innovation experts in the field of sustainable energy and water technologies.

Provide independent trustworthy technical guidance for the design of integrated energy and water systems.


Raise confidence in solar, wind and biomass as viable alternatives to oil and gas.

Help establish Bahrain as an exemplar low carbon sustainable economy.



Centre of Renewable Energy Systems technologies, Loughborough university, UK

Technical Integration of Sustainable Energy and Water (TISEW)

The two years project is one of eight winning proposals out of over 170 proposals submitted jointly by universities in the UK and the GCC for the Gulf-UK institutional link grant. It focuses on the lead capacity building of future research and innovation experts in sustainable energy and water technologies, thus developing local expertise to design and operate such systems and reducing reliance on foreign expertise.

The national and international agreements and collaborations are important for achieving the goals, which currently are with:

Sustainable Energy Centre

Renewable Energy Desalination agreement and consultation

Bahrain Petroleum Company

Assessing the installed solar energy (PV) systems


Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism

Reviewing the renewable energy international standards and develop the national standards

University of Oxford, UK

Desalination membranes improvement project


Directorate of Meteorology, Ministry of Transportation & Telecommunication

Aston University, UK

Renewable Energy desalination project